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Chickadee Words is an independent publishing company which started up in 2016. After my dad passed, I did some re-thinking about what I was doing with my life, and wondered if I couldn't do something I'd always wanted to do: write children's books. As a teacher, of course I am not only interested in helping our young people to learn to read, write, and work with numbers, but also to learn critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Attitudes are key. From my experience, I understand what a person believes about him/herself is most important. Young people need nurturing, and we are to be guiding lights, along with parents, and churches, to lead them to be upright, confident, successful adults. So, that's my new mission: to make an impact through fun, animal adventure stories. After the first five books of the series is completed this year, I'm hoping to add more books to it. And, who knows, maybe I'll eventually write a longer, middle-grade novel!

In the last couple of years, I have learned so much about writing, illustrating, and publishing. It's incredible! I now realize it takes a team to make a successful book. And, I am fortunate to have a great one. Please read the short bios of the professionals I take pleasure in working with to make the best possible books for kids. ~ Kathy J Perry


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A semi-retired elementary school teacher, Bandana Acres author Kathy J Perry now enjoys writing, illustrating, and publishing early chapter books about animals who learn valuable lessons about friendships. Her goal is to help kids enjoy learning to read as well as apply what they've learned to their own lives. Her fun, animal adventures will appeal to first and second-graders and to pre-schoolers as a read-aloud story. Soft, watercolor illustrations have been a source of joy for Kathy to draw and paint. 


Mark Baral, a children's book illustrator and character designer, is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Studio Art at Pensacola Christian College. Mark has fostered his love for art by consistently drawing and painting, which enabled him to produce award-winning artwork both at the regional and national level. The process of bringing characters to life through design and illustration has always captured his attention. His love for stories is a great inspiration to him as he strives to create fun and entertaining characters that enhance the storytelling experience. Mark can be contacted at mdbaralkc@gmail.com.


Fiction and nonfiction: adventure, children's books, contemporary, education, humor, memoir/biography, mystery, romance and women's fiction, historical, creative nonfiction, literary fiction

Beth Bruno, Ed.M., M.A., began her literary career 20 years ago as a features writer and editor. Her weekly op-ed column, "Stand Up and Be Counted," became an instant hit when she invited readers to share their opinions about hot topics of the day and included them in her columns. In 2001 she published her first book, Wild Tulips, based on humorous and enlightening stories about raising children. 

Beth has edited more than 350 fiction and nonfiction book manuscripts, many of them now award winners. Her favorite genres are: women's fiction, YA (young adult), self-help, psychology, commercial fiction, mysteries and thrillers, science fiction, adventure, memoir, biography, humor, literary fiction, and general nonfiction.

Another dimension of Beth's experience has been judging for an international contest: The Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Winners in more than 70 categories receive cash prizes, publicity, constructive criticism, publicity, and referrals to literary agents and publishers.

Rachel graduated in Graphic Design Communications, from the University of Creative Arts in 2005. Upon graduating, she was invited to present her work at the D&AD New Blood Exhibition. Since then she has worked with publishing houses, design agencies, for authors and charities that are close to her heart. 

She has worked with Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Carlton Books, and Walker Books to name a few. Rising to the challenge of designing books and commissioning artwork for amazing authors like Terry Pratchett, John Boyne and Malorie Blackman are some of her greatest accomplishments.

She is a keen birdwatcher and volunteers as an education volunteer at WWT London Wetland Centre. She loves walking too and often climbs mountains and volcanoes when on holiday. When not on holiday, she makes do with evening strolls with her husband in her local park to see bats and owls. She once spotted a hedgehog having an evening snack there too and hopes to bump into him again this summer...


For more than two decades, Robin Blakely has helped make professional dreams happen for emerging experts, best-selling authors, renowned artists, and talent-driven brands from across the country. Leveraging publicity to increase business growth, Robin has secured and managed promotional placements for clients at print, broadcast, and live venues that have included HGTV, Book TV, The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, the Golden Door Spa, The Hollywood Reporter, ABC World News, Vanity Fair, and more. Robin has coached clients participating in satellite media tours for Crest, Listerine, Huggies, and QVC.

Early in her creative career, Robin was a news writer who became the producer of a live radio talk show that featured guests such as the vice president of the United States; best-selling authors; NY Times bestseller Harvey MacKay; comedians Bob Hope, Jeff Foxworthy, and Steve Allen; newsman Mike Wallace; astronauts, television personalities, movie icons, and others. Robin also produced an educational series in which Los Angeles County schoolchildren were introduced to the behind-the-scenes worlds of award-winning authors, including such luminaries as Madeleine L’Engle, Jon Scieszka, Barbara Park, Patricia Polacco, and more. For seven years, Robin taught and coordinated the Professional Writers Certificate Program at California University Extension Services at California State University, Long Beach.

Robin Blakely is the author of four business books.

CROSSING THE TROLL BRIDGE: A Marketing Guide for Artists and Writers
SIX HATS: The Inside Out Strategy For the One-Person Business To Find Success
PR THERAPY: Igniting Your Passion for Promoting Your Products, Services, and Even Yourself!
TIME TO BREATHE, MY DEAR: Calendar Support for the In-Demand and Overbooked

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Our Mission

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A team of publishing professionals, project managers, editors, designers, sound engineers, and writers. We offer reliable and affordable services for anypublishing project or collaboration. Most of all, we are good listeners.

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We are an extension of your team, helping you solve the problem of having to staff up and then down as you pursue new opportunities. Further, we help connect publishers to opportunities by working with a variety of distribution partners to help drive digital content their way, by offering publishers new revenue streams to pursue. We can handle your needs through every aspect of book-building:

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