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A Snippet From Bandana Buddies – Rascal’s Trip

The writing part is close to finished; just editing left to do. Here’s a sample from the book:

It blew and blew and nothing could stop it except the rocks on the sides of the ravine. Even the big trees were creaking and groaning as if in pain. Snap! A large branch broke and fell behind of him. “Mom!” Rascal yelled. But he was too far away for Mom to hear. “Stop!” he screamed at the storm.


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Writer’s Education Overload!


After the Mid-Continent Public Library’s Writer’s weekend (4 workshops), and HACWN’s Conference (9 workshops), and SCBWI’s Conference (4 workshops), I am in a bit of a stall pattern with writing. I’m going to take some time to absorb and study the craft of writing before I work on my next book. ~Feeling like it will be completely different right now. So, I’m reading, studying, still practicing watercolor painting, and contemplating the direction to take. Have a great month – and Happy Thanksgiving!

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They’re Here!

Today I received my book in print! Such a memorable day – to see the product of months and months of work. I want to express my gratefulness to everyone who helped make this a reality. I hope kids will enjoy this little story for many, many years. Now, to polish up book two: Night of the Coon. 

If you would like a copy of Night Rescue, please click on the Bookshop link in the menu. Very simple.


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Well, it’s official!

Today I officially signed up for the publishing of Bandana Buddies – Night Rescue. I’m really looking forward to seeing it as a physical book soon. In a couple of weeks, I will have a link to my BookShop where you can purchase it if you like. It will also be available in bookstores, the library, and Amazon. I’ll post again when the Shop goes live. See you soon!

Title Page & Back Cover

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More Changes, Winter Launch


I thought the book was ready for a September launch, however, upon further critiques and edits, I will be tweaking the text a bit more.

Further, though I love the illustrations digitally done for this book, my illustrators will not always be available for future books. Therefore, after some soul searching, I am currently learning to paint with watercolors. I love it! So, the book may be further delayed as I will probably be using the current images and redoing them in “my” style (yet to be determined) which would continue on through the series.

Winter is probably a better goal for the launch, given these new developments.

Keep you posted.


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Bandana Buddies – Coming Fall, 2016

Ollie & Feebs Meet

My first book series is about the adventures of several animals who encounter difficulties and always look for ways to help each other. Just in case one gets in trouble, the bandana is left as a signal for help – and also it is a bond between them. They live on or near the Cooper’s farm, in a the Ravine, the Big Water, or the Big Woods. Maddie and Jenna, cousins, spend their summer there where Maddie remembers adventurous times with Ollie, Feebs, Whoot’in, Coon, Nibbler, Kit, and Jasper.  The theme is about love and friendship – and things we do for friends. It takes place in the country and in a simpler time.

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