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Month: September 2017

Bandana Buddies ~ Rascal’s Trip Update

Now 95% finished with the illustrations – unless I decide to redo one. All that’s left is the two-page map. I’m looking forward to attending two conferences this fall, and working with professionals to get the books ready.

Here’s a snippet from Rascal’s Trip:

Rascal spun around and around, bumping into broken bits of trees in the swirling wind. Closing his eyes, he curled his legs up as tightly as he could and covered his face with his paws. The wind screamed and whistled around him. He covered his ears to block out the unwanted noise.

Suddenly, the wind dropped him. The soft needles and sturdy branches of a young pine tree hugged him as he landed. Dazed, he looked around him, his eyes as wide as saucers to take in his surroundings.


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